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Who are we?

Kaelo Computer Training is a BEE/SMME company committed to assisting employees by providing quality training on Microsoft Office end-user computer skills, Project Management, Soft skills and Technical Computer Training.

We are committed to ensuring that the standards set by Microsoft, CompTia, Mict Seta and Microsoft IT Academy are adhered to, and that the students leave the Kaelo Training Centre with a sense of achievement.

Kaelo Computer Training
The Value of Project Management Courses?

Companies world wide are accepting that alternative approaches to management are needed to help them meet objectives, develop new products, remain ahead of the competition or simply manage their organisations more effectively.

Project Management is a simple, logical and easy to use management style, and has been recognised as the most appropriate form of management for the new generation of managers. It is also interesting to note, that over the past ten to fifteen years, Project Management has moved from the Engineering and Construction industries to other sectors of business.

The world demand for Project Management knowledge has forced business to train people in understanding the philosophy of Project Management, as well as the tools and techniques used by Project Managers.

Successful Project Management is about getting the work done on time, within budget and to the clients requested specifications (Quality). Kaelo Computer Training’s Project Management covers this aspect in depth. The course is based on the Project Management Institute’s PMBoK Guide 3rd and the 4th edition. The PMBoK training consists of guidelines to establish, incorporate project management standards and best practices to save time, money and resources.

Our course is blended with Microsoft Project® a Project Management Application that allows Project Managers to plan, schedule, assign resources and communicate the project information. Kaelo Computer Training is a Registered Education and Training Provider with Project Management South Africa (PMSA).
What's Happening...
We are Mobile and can conduct training anywhere in South Africa. If you do not have a computer lab, then we will bring our Computer Equipment to your site for training .